This project is on Lan chatting and is build using j2ee technology.This project is currently under construction by members of team xtreme.


This is a web based chat application and uses only JSP and Java Servlets. It doesn't use applets, activeX controls or database. It isn't a commercial application but a freeware, which shows how JSP and Java Servlets can be used.

Here are some of the things this chat application supports:

  • It supports rooms. Users can create their own rooms.
  • It allows users to find other logged in users. 
  • It informs users in particular room when someone joins, leaves the room or logs out. 
  • It allows users to store some personal information which can be viewed by others. 


This application needs container with support for Servlet 2.3 and JSP 1.2 specification because it uses listeners which are available only in Servlet 2.3 specifications. Tomcat 4/5/5.5.


If you find any bug then please send author an email. If he had time he'll try to fix it. 

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